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Welcome to our Contribute page!

Contribution means a lot for us and it is vital for the overall success of the whole project.

There are many ways for you to contribute to our goal. Political-test.com is currently a beta version so any help is much appreciated. A major improvement for our site would be adding versions for non-English speakers. We're now working on the Russian and Bulgarian versions, but we're looking forward to volunteers to translate the content in other languages too. Let us repeat it once again...

Volunteers are wanted to translate the site! Any language!

Apart from that, we're constantly making researches which focus on improving our humble service. Simply by giving suggestions and/or opinions (e-mail us at admin@political-test.com) you are already a contributor in our eyes.

Money is not important for us. We've been asked if we make money out of this webpage. No, we don't. All our efforts are voluntary and we're happy about that. However, if you want to make a small donation of money, you can get in touch with us. We'll use this money to pay for the webhosting fees.

We're always open-minded for any ideas. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!